Super Yugoslav

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Conceptual Art
Plastic Figure / Comic (work-in-progress)
– part of the ongoing art re-search YUTOPIA

Super Yugoslav is a local hero. He is not perfect. On the contrary: so far he has been described as a super hero with a clear alcohol addiction. Where does this feature come from? Maybe because Super Yugoslav is left without the foundation of his mission and of his own existence itself – that is Yugoslavia.

Super Yugoslav by Denis Leo Hegic 2013

Within and outside of Yugoslavian borders, we notice the great comeback of the world’s super heroes on big screens. It seems they are the only ones that can still deal with global problems and uncertain life circumstances.
Civilization-related fear, which is fed by the never-ending economical crisis, has become the foundation of the modern capitalistic society. The world is living in fear, therefore people run into fiction. The lack of philosophical, ideological or religious solutions to the ongoing situation creates a void. Such vacancy is easily filled by the idea of a Hollywood-style super hero, who saves the world without any need of further, thorough explanation of his super-powers.

Yugoslav awakens in the moment in which Yugoslavia is already dead and long-gone. He spent over 50 years hibernating, missing out on the bloody Yugoslavian wars of the nineties even. Despite understanding and accepting the reality as such, Yugoslav is still not willing to stop executing his Yugoslavian idea – which is programmed and imprinted deep within him. Laughed out and rejected, Yugoslav retreats to his secret headquarters from Durmitor mountain to Vis island, in attempt to regain his powers and plan his return, head up high and his fist proudly in the air: Proletarians of all the countries! Unite!

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