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The Berlin based designer Denis Leo Hegic has created an extraordinary micro retail space within Sarajevo City Center – one of the largest shopping malls in Sarajevo.

The special charm of the startup brand „ Špajz “ (Serbo-Croatian for „Pantry“) is the way how the little store is countering to the established mainstream shopping centre retail designs: by relying on warmth, sustainability, simplicity and unpretentious interior.

The interior design was the key part of the branding concept and both were being developed simultaneously and interdependently delivering the message of credibility and integrity of the upcoming brand.

The story of Špajz is a story of grandma´s pantry: the hidden space in which all the various delicacies are stored.

As the operational headquarters of every well equipped grandma´s kitchen, a good pantry contains all kinds of sweet and sour, domestic and imported products, coffees and teas. It is a place of childhood memories.

The shop itself consists of a large blue sidebar on one side and open bags and shelves on the other. The products displayed on shelves and open drawers splash colour dots over the entire space. Natural materials and colour palette support the feeling of warmth and friendliness, which is the overall guideline of the brand itself.

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