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Video Art Installation
Artist: Denis Leo Hegic
Film Director: Harald Geil
– part of the ongoing art re-search YUTOPIA

Rat (serb.croat.: “war”, engl.: “a long-tailed-rodent”, german: “advise”) deals with the energy and the potential of aggression within the (male) structure of nationalism and social segregation.
Unlike the female energy, which stands for glance and equilibrium, the male one has a certain potential for aggression. After all, it is Ares who represents the ultimate symbol of male conflict management: conquer and rule – an urge deriving from the animal genes routed deeply within the male DNA.

Ideology itself can not be classified as right or wrong. It is a relativistic intellectual way of defining the society. The advantages and disadvantages of an ideology feed from the energy and passion of true believers to the ideological infallibility itself. The danger is hidden in the fundamentalist potential of ideologies in politics and religions. Nationalism lives only upon counter-nationalism. It needs a breeding ground of fear. And occasional wars.

RAT is a battle. RAT is a male sex act. RAT is domination vs. submission. RAT is sudden. RAT is foreplay. RAT is fight. RAT is ecstasy. After all RAT is mixing up, rubbing off colours, recognizing the same, becoming similar.

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