Good design is good business.

Design is not about the technical or commercial parameters as about the desire for a dream that humans have attempted to project onto an object.

As a brand environments designer, Denis Leo Hegic has implemented numerous branding projects. His extensive portfolio encompasses projects of all sizes reaching from retail design, hotel, hospitality to micro spaces, office & work design concepts. His creative outcome is never a pure architectural work or simply a communicative measure. The multi-talented designer bundles his various skills and creates branding spaces that correspond in their entirety to the complex needs of the brand and the product. Digital worlds are combined with material properties, spatial design enriches the brand profile: the projects portfolio reflects the process of marketing that communicates a brand in three-dimensions to create the right customer experience.

Denis Leo Hegic´s practice of designing branded environments is often a research-driven effort and includes multi-disciplinary skills ranging from strategic consultation, brand development expertise, marketing and communications consultation, spatial and graphic design. Particularly effective for retail, museum and exhibit design, branded environments support the success of many organizational types, from corporate to institutional and educational. The designed environments express the attributes of a community or the competitive advantages of a company’s product or service.

The work of Denis Leo Hegic is always adapted to human scale and human needs, thus preventing the creation of a gap between the brand and the customer. This creates an ongoing communication that captures all the senses and creates long-lasting bonds.

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