“I believe that every task, every idea taken seriously will inevitably and entirely have a serious outcome. My life experience has taught me, that in 95 percent of the cases the serious outcome is a positive one.”

Denis Leo Hegic

Born and raised in Yugoslavia, Denis studied at the Architectural Association London and worked for offices in London, Beirut and Berlin. After being awarded a bursary covering a half of his school expenses, Denis uses his habitual insomnia and co founds apples & pears design plateau – a London based marketing & branding agency in order to finance the other half. However, the little studio in the heart of Fitzrovia grows fast and successfully connects marketing projects for clients based in London, Paris, Berlin and Dubai. At this time Denis also starts experimenting with short films and digital art.

After being called back by his beloved stepmother Berlin, Denis found himself at Graft Architects – the Rock´n´Rollers within the German architecture scene. As a designer in charge of prime design & sustainability projects he developed a great number of flagship projects but also off-grid design schemes in Africa.

As a founding partner of Filmgeil Denis Leo Hegic and his partner Harald Geil produced a number of film projects, including a realization of a 90 min documentary film in 2014 and an ongoing development of a 90 minutes feature film. Denis Leo Hegic continued working as  cultural manager at the foundation “Berliner Leben” and the Urban Nation Museum for Urban Contemporary Art in Berlin.

Denis is a soldier and a cry baby. A nationless person and a discoverer. An X:  ex-Yugoslav, ex-boyfriend, ex-driver, ex-son and an ex-father. He loves people, animals and plants. He is a pussy and a dick.  A lucky man running out of luck. But also a multidimensional human species full with sentiments of love, rage, light, blood and shit in search of truth and himself


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